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Here at Bellwether Solicitors, we deal with all aspects of family law in Kingston or Norbiton.  Our specialist family lawyers can advise you about all family-related matters, from pre and postnuptial agreements right through to issues regarding child arrangements.

Family law covers many areas, including divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships, cohabitation, child arrangements, finance, pre and postnuptial agreements, property disputes and much more.  We are members of Resolution, which means we actively promote a non-confrontational approach and use mediation where possible to solve conflicts.  We adhere to their strict code of conduct at all times.

Our family lawyers are committed to offering tailored and specialist advice and will always put our client’s interests at the heart of their work.  We have a proven track record of ensuring good outcomes for our clients whilst always protecting children and finances.

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To book an initial consultation with one of our solicitors, please call 020 3621 0111.  Initial consultations can be held in person or by remote means, such as video or telephone.

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Family lawyers to help with child arrangements and/or divorce and finances

Child solicitors Kingston

Our family lawyers can handle all matters relating to child law, including obtaining child arrangements orders through the courts.  We will guide you through the process with empathy and we are always mindful of the children’s best interests.

One of the most common areas that we help with is child arrangements.  When a couple goes through a separation, it can be very emotional and stressful.  We can help our clients reach an amicable resolution regarding when and with whom children spend their time.

Financial and property disputes solved in Kingston, KT1

Property disputes Kingston

Our lawyers can assist in reaching agreements with regard to finances, taking into account property, other assets, pensions, and maintenance.

The family home can sometimes be one of the most hotly disputed assets during the negotiation process.  There can be numerous arguments over who retains the right to live there or whether it should be sold.  We will help you to fully understand your rights and will represent you and your interests.

Cohabitation disputes in Kingston

Co-habitation disputes Kingston

Do you need legal assistance with cohabitation agreements in Kingston?  Our team of lawyers are on hand to deal with potential issues arising from a relationship breakdown where a couple is not married or in a civil partnership.  We can give you the best advice and guidance and help you reach a resolution if you are involved in a cohabitation dispute.

Our team of family lawyers can help you draw up a cohabitation agreement that meets the needs of both parties, taking into account assets, property, and living arrangements.

Dissolution of civil partnerships in Kingston

Civil partnership divorce lawyers Kingston

Alongside all matters relating to divorce, our team of family lawyers can assist with the dissolution of civil partnerships.  They are not dealt with in the same way as divorce, but the process is similar, and our lawyers can guide you.

We understand that any relationship breakdown is painful, and with our wealth of knowledge, we can handle all matters sensitively.

Prenuptial agreements in Kingston

Pre-nuptial agreements Kingston

Prenuptial agreements – or prenups – are becoming more common for engaged couples in Kinston.  A prenuptial agreement is a contract between a couple drafted before they enter into a marriage or a civil partnership.  It sets out the parties intention of what should happen to assets upon separation.   Whilst there is no guarantee that they will be upheld in divorce proceedings in the UK, because we are unable to oust the jurisdiction of the court, they can add an additional layer of asset protection in the event of a future relationship breakdown.

Injunctions and emergency applications in Kingston

Get an injunction Kingston

If you are suffering from harassment, intimidation or domestic abuse we may be able to help by obtaining an injunction.  An injunction is a court order that can be obtained in an emergency situation to protect you from harassment or violence.  Our expert solicitors understand how sensitive situations can be and have years of experience dealing with injunctions.

Under the Family Law Act 1996, there are two main types of injunctions: A non-molestation order and an occupation order.  We can help you apply for an injunction and will look at your case in full detail.

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