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Everybody has the right to feel safe from threats, violence, intimidation, and harassment. If you need an injunction or emergency application, speak to the team at Bellwether Solicitors. While we know it can feel stressful and overwhelming taking legal action, we’ll provide you with the expert legal support you need throughout.

We are family law experts in Cheam and Kingston-upon-Thames.  We will act decisively and appropriately on your behalf to help you protect yourself and your family. We will represent your best interests to get swift results, holding your hand through the process.

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What is an injunction or non-molestation order?

Emergency injunctions and non-molestation orders forbid someone from using certain behaviours towards you and your children. The order will outline the forbidden actions, such as making any form of contact with you, entering your home or instructing others to act on their behalf. As a legally-binding court order, any breach of the conditions is a criminal offence, sometimes resulting in a prison sentence.

Emergency injunctions can be made without you having to notify the other party until the order is served upon them.  In some cases, it is possible to obtain a same-day emergency injunction, especially where there is an immediate threat of violence.

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Who can apply for an injunction?

Harassment and domestic violence can affect anyone from all walks of life. Injunctions or non-molestation orders can be applied for if a party is being harassed or pestered, or there’s domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse can take many forms, from physical violence and emotional abuse to coercive control and verbal harassment. One party may even be isolating their partner from friends and family, or they’ve taken control of the other’s finances without consent.

If you’re experiencing abuse and threats, or you’re being pestered by your current or former partner, a family member or even someone you live(d) with, we can help you take appropriate legal action to get the protection you need.

How to get an injunction or make an emergency application

If you need to apply to court for an injunction or non-molestation order, we can help, handling the process on your behalf. We’re a family law specialist, taking issues of domestic abuse and harassment incredibly seriously.  We will talk you through the process, tailoring advice and services to your individual circumstances.

We can also help you put together all the information required, including any witness statements and evidence, ensuring that you are happy with everything before the application is submitted. If a copy needs to be served to the named person on the application or sent to the police, we can arrange this for you.

Order lengths will vary from case to case (often 12 months), but you can reapply towards the end of this time if you still require protection. We can also help with any other family law services you need, including divorce and civil partnership dissolution.

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If you need an injunction or emergency court order, contact the team at Bellwether Solicitors now.