Cohabitation issues

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Many couples choose not to get married prior to moving in together.

While this means that you will not share all of the same rights that those who get married or enter into a civil partnership will, there are still options to protect your interests if you live together regardless of relationship length.

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We provide legal services and support for unmarried couples, including separation agreements and can help you to understand your rights should your cohabiting relationship break down.

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Rights for cohabiting couples

Contrary to what some believe, there is no such thing as ‘common law marriage’, which isn’t recognised by the court system.  Seeking advice as early as possible is the key to protecting your current and future interests. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service covering various cohabitation issues, including separation agreements.

Are you moving in with your partner? Our family law specialists will talk you through the implications should your relationship break down, offering practical solutions to achieve the best long-term outcomes. We’ll talk you through all the options available so you can make an informed choice about what is right for you.

Our expert legal services provide clarity and give you the reassurance you need about your rights. This ensures you can enjoy the process of moving in together without the worry hanging over you about your legal position as a non-married couple.

Child solicitors

Cohabitation agreements

Cohabitation agreements are often advisable if you are buying a property together when you are  not married.  This will cover a range of areas, including percentage ownership, mortgage contributions, bill payment responsibilities and what will happen should the relationship end.  It ensures the rights of all parties are clearly recorded, especially if one of you is not on the title deeds to the property.

Separation agreements

Issues can often arise if you fail to protect your current or future interests, so entering into a separation agreement can be a sensible step.

A separation agreement can outline how property and assets will be divided upon relationship breakdown, much like pre and post-nuptial agreements set out financial settlements in the event of a divorce. We can also review an existing agreement as circumstances change, such as after having children as this could render an existing agreement void if it fails to take account of the interests of future children.

Co-habitation disputes

End of relationship services

While you may not share the same rights as married couples or those in civil partnerships (even if you have children together), it is important to understand your obligations (if any).

At Bellwether Solicitors, we can advise you on your legal position and the rights/your partner may have should your relationship end regardless of whether a separation agreement is in place. By resolving any issues as soon as possible, it can help you to move on, saving you time and stress.

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