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Our family law team is well respected with a reputation for providing expert advice in a clear, constructive and effective manner. They come highly recommended as can be seen from our reviews.

We offer support and advice in all areas of family law, advising on everything from marital agreements right through to relationship breakdown. This includes advising separating couples who are not married, advising on divorce or the dissolution of civil partnerships, and providing expert advice in regards to finances and/or children issues. We also advise on injunctive remedies in cases where there is, or has been domestic abuse.

As well as post and pre-nuptial agreements, we are able to advise on Powers of Attorney.

Our solicitors are members of Resolution and are committed to the Resolution Code of Conduct which focuses on settling cases through negotiation wherever possible.

Bellwether Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA number 627330.

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Bellwether Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA number 627330.
We are subject to the rules set out in the SRA Standards & Regulations, which can be accessed here.

We are proud members of Resolution.

Emma Kirkaldie is listed as a Leading Lawyer by Wiselaw.

Divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships

We are able to advise you regarding the divorce/dissolution process (should you wish to file your own application through the client portal).

However, if you would prefer representation, we offer a fixed fee to act for you as the sole applicant in the divorce proceedings under the new “no fault” divorce system.

Financial settlements on divorce

We will advise you on the best way to achieve a fair outcome whether that be through solicitor negotiation, mediation or fully contested court proceedings.

Cohabitation issues

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as “common law husband and wife”.

We can advise you on the legal position when you are unmarried and your relationship breaks down.

Injunctions and emergency applications

Injunctions can be applied for in circumstances where one party is being harassed, pestered or where there is domestic abuse and the victim needs protection by way of a court order.

It is possible to obtain an emergency injunction on the same day, if the facts warrant it.

Pre and post-nuptial agreements

We can assist with pre and post-nuptial agreements. A pre-nuptial agreement is a legal agreement made prior to a marriage or civil partnership. It usually sets out how assets will be divided if the parties separate or divorce. A post-nuptial agreement is a legal agreement between a married couple and again sets out how assets should be divided if the couple later separate or divorce.

Such agreements can help to provide clarity if parties later separate or divorce but are not necessarily legally binding. However, if entered into correctly, the Judge will give such agreements appropriate weight as a relevant circumstance when making his or her decision.

Power of Attorney

Have you considered what would happen in the event that you were unable to make decisions for yourself or if you became physically unwell and were unable to deal with your own financial affairs or health and welfare?

We can assist you with documenting your future wishes, which will enable you to safeguard yourself and your loved ones by being able to clearly express how your personal affairs and assets should be dealt with.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which gives the person or people of your choice the power to deal with your affairs and will enable them to act on your behalf whenever necessary.

There are two different types of Lasting Power of Attorney:

  • A Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney: this looks after all of your property, financial assets, pensions and investments. It would enable the person or people of your choice to make decisions on your behalf about finances such as selling property or managing your bank accounts and investments.
  • A Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney: this enables the person or people of your choice to make decisions about your heath and personal welfare, such as choosing where you live (your home or residential care) and making decisions about your daily needs or proposed medical treatment, if you become unable to make these decisions yourself.

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