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Get support from your local family lawyers near Epsom, Stoneleigh or the surrounding areas of Surrey. Here at Bellwether Solicitors, we understand that going through family-related matters can be a very stressful and uncertain time. We offer advice on all family law matters.

If you are going through a difficult time, you may be wondering how long the process will take and how much it will cost. During any initial meeting, our family lawyers can look at your case and advise you accordingly.

We want to make complicated matters less confusing, so we can give you straightforward and tailored advice about achieving your goal. Our experienced family lawyers can provide the highest levels of service and the best outcome.

Our expertise includes the following:

  • Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships
  • Same-sex relationships and Civil Partnership Agreements
  • Financial settlements
  • Financial claims
  • Child arrangements
  • The rights, duties, and responsibilities of parents
  • Grandparent rights
  • Pre and postnuptial agreements
  • Injunctions and emergency applications

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Experienced lawyers for child arrangements near Stoneleigh

Child solicitors Epsom

Child custody is no longer a term used when referring to child arrangements. When parents separate, they need to agree on where the child or children will live and how much time they will spend with the other parent.

Our specialist family lawyers near Stoneleigh or Epsom will help you with issues which arise in respect of your children. All our work is based on the best interests of the children. As Resolution members, we take a constructive and fair approach to family law matters.

We can also help with other issues surrounding children, including:

  • Child abduction
  • Child representation
  • Court orders
  • Change of name deeds
  • Family mediation
  • Surrogacy and adoption
  • Emergency applications
  • Grandparent rights

Resolving financial issues with our lawyers in Epsom, KT17

Property disputes Epsom

When resolving financial issues on separation, our family lawyers in Epsom will always aim to get the right results for you. We can advise you on a broad range of financial matters, from pension sharing to child maintenance. We want to secure the future for you, whatever your circumstances.

Financial settlements following divorce may involve money, assets, property, or possessions. We can offer you advice based on your circumstances, negotiate with your former partner to reach an agreement, and represent you in court if required.

Cohabitation disputes and Cohabitation Agreements in Epsom

Co-habitation disputes Epsom

Cohabitees in Epsom do not have the same legal protection as divorcing couples or civil partners, so if you are going through a relationship breakdown, our lawyers will assist you in reaching a fair settlement with your former partner.

We can also help draw up Cohabitation Agreements that can provide you with much-needed protection if your relationship breaks down. This contract will ensure that you both receive the assets you are entitled to and avoid stress and upset.

Epsom lawyers for civil partnerships dissolution

Civil partnership divorce lawyers Epsom

Ending a civil partnership is always challenging, and it is important that you receive the right legal advice. Our team of family solicitors near Epsom is known for providing expert legal advice on all aspects of civil partnership dissolution. We are here to help our clients receive the best outcome for their needs.

We can look at issues that need to be settled, including the division of assets, such as properties, arranging separation agreements and issues around children, such as residency, contact, and maintenance agreements.

Protect your assets in Epsom with a prenuptial agreement

Pre-nuptial agreements Epsom

Pre and postnuptial agreements can help to protect your assets and wealth if your marriage does not last. Our family law solicitors have extensive experience in protecting wealth and will ensure our clients have a fair agreement.

Our prenuptial agreements can provide clarity and peace of mind. Whilst neither pre or postnuptial agreements are legally binding, they are more likely to have weight in court if a solicitor has drawn them up.

Injunctions and domestic violence in Epsom

Get an injunction Epsom

In cases of domestic violence in the family home, swift action is needed to limit any damage. Our Cheam family lawyers can offer straightforward legal advice and apply for injunctions and emergency orders. We will always listen to you and will deal with matters sensitively.

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