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Bellwether Solicitors is a leading firm of family lawyers working for clients in Chessington or Tolworth. We are committed to supporting our clients in reaching solutions without the need to involve the Court. However, we can represent our clients in family law proceedings where necessary.

Our expert team of family solicitors can guide our clients in all family law matters, including financial issues that arise from divorce and separation, child arrangements, cohabitation, same-sex families, pre and postnuptial agreements, emergency orders and injunctions, and surrogacy and adoption. If you are looking for a team of family lawyers who can help you, we can provide solutions.

We can guide our clients to find solutions tailored to their needs and circumstances. We are members of Resolution and are committed to getting our clients the best results whilst reducing stress and preserving familial relationships. Our family law specialists will provide constructive and compassionate advice.

We have two offices based nearby in Cheam and Kingston Upon Thames. We can also organise remote consultations via phone or video platform.

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Child custody lawyers or family solicitors near Tolworth

Child solicitors Chessington

When a relationship breaks down, it will often greatly impact any children involved. Our family solicitors near Tolworth and Chessington can help you find solutions for childcare arrangements concerning where children will live on a day-to-day basis and who else they will spend time with, including when these arrangements should take place. It is much better if parents can agree on this amicably with solicitors helping them to negotiate terms.

Our child lawyers can also help negotiate around other issues, including financial matters relating to child maintenance, grandparents' involvement with children, adoption and surrogacy and other issues.

Financial legal advice in Chessington, KT9

Property disputes Chessington

Our local family lawyers in Chessington can offer clear and pragmatic advice surrounding financial issues arising from divorce. This includes guidance on the appropriate division of assets, including the family home, savings, trusts, pensions, investments, etc. We can also offer advice about income and the level of maintenance for spouses and children.

We can help to draw up a financial settlement that is a legally binding decision on the division of wealth and assets.

Local cohabitation solicitors in Chessington

Co-habitation disputes Chessington

Many people believe that if they are living together but not married, they can enjoy a ‘common law marriage’, where they enjoy the same rights as married couples. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Our family law practice in Chessington can help settle disputes around cohabitation issues. This can be related to issues surrounding property and any arrangements relating to children.

We can also help you draw up a cohabitation agreement to give couples greater certainty in the event of a relationship breakdown.

Civil partnership lawyers in Chessington

Civil partnership divorce lawyers Chessington

We understand that every relationship is different, and ending a civil partnership can have wide-ranging implications. Our team of family lawyers near Chessington can offer our clients expert advice and guidance around the dissolution of civil partnerships.

A civil partnership is a legal union between two people, giving them similar rights and responsibilities as married couples. It was introduced in 2004 for same-sex couples, and since 2019, heterosexual couples have been able to enter into a civil partnership. Dissolution is a legal process that is similar to divorce.

We can also offer advice around drafting pre-civil partnership agreements.

Pre and postnuptial agreements in Chessington

Pre-nuptial agreements Chessington

Our lawyers can advise clients about pre and postnuptial agreements in Chessington.  Our lawyers increasingly see the demand for these agreements as people look for certainty about what might happen if a relationship does not work out, particularly in cases where there are substantial assets.

Urgent injunctions and emergency applications in Chessington

Get an injunction Chessington

Where there is domestic violence, harassment, or abuse, it may be necessary to pursue a non-molestation order. This may be linked to an occupation order requiring the perpetrator to leave the family home. Time is often a critical factor in these cases, so contact us now if you need the help of a lawyer near Chessington.

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