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Bellwether Solicitors are dedicated to providing quality legal advice regarding divorce and other family matters to clients based in Chessington or Tolworth. We can understand your requirements to give you the best result as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

No team of divorce law solicitors is the same and choosing the right one is vital.  We offer a personal and bespoke service and we understand that going through a divorce can be a daunting and challenging time.  Our divorce attorneys can help you know your priorities and will try to keep costs to a minimum.  We will ensure that you are aware of all of your options, we will help to minimise stress and will keep you informed every step of the way.

Some firms advertise ‘quickie divorces’, but there is no such thing.  The process usually takes around six months. Every relationship is different, so is every divorce, and there is never a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’. We will listen carefully to ascertain their priorities and circumstances.

We can advise and support you during this difficult time.  We offer an initial consultation at a reduced rate of £165 plus VAT at our Cheam or Kingston Upon Thames offices. These meetings can also be held remotely by video or phone and they are not time limited.

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We offer an initial consultation for a fixed rate of £165 plus VAT.  The initial consultation can take place either in person or by remote means (video or telephone).

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Seperation lawyers near Chessington

Starting divorce proceedings can be a stressful and confusing time for you and your family. Our divorce lawyers near Tolworth and Chessington can guide you through the process and aim to make it as stress-free as possible.

If you are going through a separation or a divorce, there will be a lot to consider. Whether you are worried about where your children will live and spend time, or you are concerned about your assets or pension, our trusted team of divorce solicitors will help you navigate the process.

Our divorce law solicitors have a proven track record of dealing with many different families, from local professionals to high-net-worth individuals. We will always secure the best outcome to protect you and your future and are always compassionate, honest and fair.

We aim to keep things as simple as possible and support divorce mediation, so you can keep your divorce out of court and resolve your differences amicably.

Property disputes? We offer specialist divorce advice in  Chessington, KT9

Seperation lawyers near Chessington

Separation and divorce can be very emotional. Our divorce lawyers can help you come to financial agreements. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finances, as everyone’s finances will differ. This will involve deciding how to divide income and assets and setting up child or spousal support.

We will consider:

  • Immediate financial concerns: This will assess the client’s immediate financial worries, and we can offer tailored advice from the earliest stage.
  • Property: Do you own a property with your former partner or spouse? If you sell it, how will the profits be split? These are essential considerations, and our divorce lawyers can help you understand your legal position.
  • Pensions: Depending on your relative ages and how long you have been married, you may need advice around your pension. We can advise around pension sharing and other issues relating to your pension.
  • Maintenance: This will depend on the unique circumstances and will consider children, assets, earnings, and other considerations.

When you instruct us, we will always have your best interests at heart – please see our testimonials.

Chessington quick divorce solicitors

New rules introduced by the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 should make getting a divorce in Chessington much more straightforward.

A no-fault divorce means an end to the ‘blame game’ with no need for one spouse to take responsibility for the failure of the marriage during divorce proceedings. Our divorce solicitors can help you navigate these new rules and help you make decisions around finances or children. However, even with these new rules in place, getting the right expert help is essential. This will avoid unnecessary delays and help with the process of separating finances and making arrangements for children.

It is normal for you to want your divorce to be over quickly. To this end, we work proactively and efficiently to avoid unnecessary delays.

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