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Here at Bellwether Solicitors, we can act for you in aspects of your divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership in Wallington.  Our experienced family lawyers and divorce solicitors can ease the burden at what can be a difficult time.  We can offer practical and tailored advice to help you navigate challenging times.

Our divorce solicitors will work with you to establish your priorities, to make sure we can find the right outcome for you.  No matter what stage you are at, we can advise you on the best available options.  Our advice is always clear, practical, and concise, and we never use legal jargon, so you can feel clear where you stand.

Naturally, issues relating to your family are sensitive.  We work with you to ensure that your rights are protected, and we can support you through complex negotiations.  There can be a lot to consider, including finances, children, and other issues.

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We offer an initial consultation for a fixed rate of £150 plus VAT.  The initial consultation can take place either in person or by remote means (video or telephone).

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Our divorce lawyers near Wallington can advise you

Seperation lawyers near Wallington

If you are going through a separation, considering a divorce, or dissolving a civil partnership in Wallington, our divorce solicitors have the expertise and knowledge in all aspects of separation, divorce and civil partnership dissolution.

Whatever the complexity of your situation and the stage you are at, the sooner you seek robust legal advice, the better.  We understand that relationship breakdowns can be stressful, and you must consider finances, children, property and assets.  Our team has significant experience in representing clients throughout the process of a divorce or civil partnership dissolution.

We can provide guidance on your rights and any financial issues that arise.  We also have wide-ranging experience in all child-related issues and can assist in respect of childcare arrangement orders, including contact and resident disputes between parents.

We can offer legal advice across a broad spectrum of family law issues.  We understand that these matters are sensitive, so that we will offer personal and practical advice.  We also support divorce mediation.

Expert divorce advice around financial matters and other areas in Wallington, SM6

Seperation lawyers near Wallington

Disagreements regarding financial obligations and finances can be a common cause of conflict between individuals who are separating.  If you do not have a pre or post-nuptial agreement in place, you and your former partner or spouse will need to come to an arrangement regarding how to split finances, property and other assets.  If there are children under the age of 18, their welfare will be central to any agreement.  It is important to understand that the financial claims that arise through marriage remain live even after divorce until they are dismissed as part of a financial remedy order.

Our specialist team of lawyers based near Wallington can offer guidance about all finance matters, including child maintenance, pension sharing and spousal maintenance.  We can help with a broad spectrum of matters, including:

  • The process of gathering information for financial disclosure
  • Assistance with the valuation of pensions, trusts, property or business interests
  • The presentation of financial disclosure
  • Financial arrangements.

We will work with you to find the most achievable solution that is right for you and your family.  We can also help with other areas of family law, including cohabitation agreements., Powers of Attorney, Protective injunctions (including emergency applications) and Grandparent rights

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Why choose our quick divorce solicitors near Wallington?

The no-fault divorce came into force on 6 April 2022, which has some key differences from the previous fault based divorce system.  Our relationship breakdown lawyers near Wallington can help guide you through this process to keep your divorce as simple as possible,

  • Our relationship breakdown lawyers act with empathy and compassion, and you can trust us to help you through a difficult time, where we can assist you with issues that affect you in both the short and long-term.
  • We offer a fixed-fee divorce consultation with no time limit for £150 plus VAT, where you can ask questions and our divorce attorneys can understand your circumstances so we can help you.
  • Our divorce solicitors practice family law so that we can advise on other issues relating to the family, such as cohabitation agreements, post and pre-nuptial agreements and child arrangement orders.
  • We are proud members of Resolution, a national organisation of family lawyers whose members are committed to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational and constructive manner.
  • Our team of lawyers always offer a personal and bespoke approach to any divorce case. We are based locally to you, with offices in Cheam and Kingston-Upon-Thames, and we can also organise consultations via telephone and video platforms.

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