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Divorce can be a complicated process which can leave people feeling worried about their finances, family, and their future.  We are a team of expert divorce lawyers based near Carshalton who can advise you on the most cost-efficient and effective way to proceed with a divorce.

Our friendly and approachable divorce solicitors will always get to know you so they can understand your circumstances and advise accordingly.  We are proud members of Resolution, an organisation committed to working in a non-confrontational and cost-effective way.

We will work quickly to provide practical and workable solutions to minimise the stress and pain of ongoing divorce proceedings.  We support divorce mediation, and the vast majority of cases are resolved without needing to go to court.  That said, we are able to provide robust legal support should court proceedings prove necessary.

Our family lawyers pride themselves on focusing on our clients and providing them with an outstanding service.  We can provide expert advice to married and cohabiting couples, as well as on the dissolution of civil partnerships.

We have offices based in Cheam and Kingston-Upon-Thames and are also happy to organise remote meetings by telephone or video. We offer a fixed fee consultation at a reduced rate of £150 (including VAT) which will enable you to meet with one of our family lawyers and to receive initial advice regarding your particular circumstances with a view to our ultimately helping you to achieve a fair outcome.  If you have children, we can advise you on child arrangements.


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We offer an initial consultation for a fixed rate of £150 plus VAT.  The initial consultation can take place either in person or by remote means (video or telephone).

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When you turn to divorce lawyers for advice, you will want to team that you know you can trust and rely on. Our family lawyers near Carshalton. If you are thinking about ending your marriage, getting legal advice as early as possible is always a good idea to know your options. It may feel overwhelming, but we can give you practical help and guidance, one step at a time.  If children are involved, they will be centric to the way in which the court makes decisions regarding finances.

Getting legal advice before applying for a divorce is always good.  However, many people find that having a divorce solicitor to support them helps put their mind at rest and alleviates the stress. Our lawyers can ensure the correct documentation is completed, that the right to financial evidence is gathered, and that settlements are negotiated on your behalf.

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Seperation lawyers near Carshalton

Upon the breakdown of a relationship, one of the areas that can be fraught with difficulty is dividing assets.  When couples are unable to agree how assets should be divided there is usually a delay in obtaining th final order of divorce.  It is always sensible to obtain a financial remedy order dealing with the divisions of assets before the marriage is dissolved as otherwise you could lose the right to make a claim against certain assets.  A financial remedy order can include provision for many things such as spousal maintenance, pension sharing, or the sale of a property.  In some circumstances it is possible to provide for the resident parent to remain in the family home until the children finish their fulltime education or reach the age of 18.  It should also deal with the dismissal of the financial claims that each party has against the other by virtue of marriage as these claims remain live after divorce until they are dismissed by a clean break clause.

Your financial rights will vary depending on your situation.  However, we will always aim to keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Our specialist divorce solicitors will try to help you to reach an agreement with minimal fuss and will strive to find a solution that works for  you quickly and efficiently.

We will offer practical solutions and advice tailored to your needs, and this is always aimed at saving you time and money. We use robust negotiation techniques and encourage compromise from both sides.

We can also advise you on other areas of family law, including pre and post-nuptial agreements, property disputes, cohabitation issues, dissolution of civil partnerships, Powers of Attorney, protective injunctions (including emergency applications), child arrangement orders, and grandparent rights

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Are you looking for quick divorce solicitors? Talk to our divorce attorneys near Carshalton about the reasons you can use for divorce.  On 6 April 2022, the divorce law in England and Wales changed, prior to this change, married couples had to wait two years before they could get a divorce on the basis that no one was at fault for the breakdown of the relationship.

If they wanted an immediate divorce, they had to rely one of five facts to prove the irretrievable breakdown of their marriage which included adultery and unreasonable behaviour.  This is no longer necessary now that we have a “no fault divorce” system.  The no fault divorce process begins by establishing whether you should make a sole application for the divorce or if you mutually agree,  a joint application (although this might not always be advisable).

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